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Papua Highlands

Status: Active
Description: Take a leisurely flight in the PC6 from Timika into the highlands. Once there the fun will begin. Get though all 20 flights to enjoy a nice cold beer at Tanah Merah.
Papua Highlands

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Timika-Tembagapura / Moses Kilangin (WABP)Idedua (WA0B)SAV1000PILATUS PC-691 nm
2Idedua (WA0B)Moanamani (WABD)SAV1001PILATUS PC-633 nm
3Moanamani (WABD)Waghete (WABG)SAV1002PILATUS PC-614 nm
4Waghete (WABG)Komopa (WZ45)SAV1003PILATUS PC-619 nm
5Komopa (WZ45)Homeyo (WT86)SAV1004PILATUS PC-69 nm
6Homeyo (WT86)Mbugulo (WT89)SAV1005PILATUS PC-611 nm
7Mbugulo (WT89)Bilai (WABX)SAV1006PILATUS PC-67 nm
8Bilai (WABX)Bilogai-Sugapa (WABV)SAV1007PILATUS PC-610 nm
9Bilogai-Sugapa (WABV)Hitadipa (WZ03)SAV1008PILATUS PC-65 nm
10Hitadipa (WZ03)Illaga (WABL)SAV1009PILATUS PC-636 nm
11Illaga (WABL)Mulia (WAJM)SAV1010PILATUS PC-625 nm
12Mulia (WAJM)Karubaga (WABK)SAV1011PILATUS PC-631 nm
13Karubaga (WABK)Tiom (WAJH)SAV1012PILATUS PC-615 nm
14Tiom (WAJH)Wamena (WAJW)SAV1013PILATUS PC-632 nm
15Wamena (WAJW)Lelambo (WA0H)SAV1014PILATUS PC-650 nm
16Lelambo (WA0H)Sape (WW89)SAV1015PILATUS PC-662 nm
17Sape (WW89)Kiwirok (WZ43)SAV1016PILATUS PC-614 nm
18Kiwirok (WZ43)Okyop (WW44)SAV1017PILATUS PC-67 nm
19Okyop (WW44)Oksibil (WAJO)SAV1018PILATUS PC-616 nm
20Oksibil (WAJO)Tanah Merah (WAKT)SAV1019PILATUS PC-674 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 563 nm

Pilot's Progress

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1Topher Webb - SAV0001***** ***             
2Kor Kiley - SAV0057********************Tour Completed