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Susi Air Virtual is wanting to offer something different for virtual pilots. Based on real-world Susi Air routes, we can offer virtual pilots some challenging flights in turbo-prop aircraft to keep your skills sharp. With the landscape and weather challenges that Indonesia offers, Susi Air Virtual flights dont give you time to set the auto-pilot and make a coffee. You fly the plane.

Topher Webb, Susi Air Virtual

Susi Air Virtual is not endorsed by Susi Air (PT. ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation)

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Flight #
Slot Added
Slot Expires
SAV151 Hamdan Herman 08-07-2020 10-07-2020 WABB WABO PK-BVN
SAV89 Christenta Pradieva 07-07-2020 09-07-2020 WAJJ WAKT PK-BVU
SAV89 Christenta Pradieva 07-07-2020 09-07-2020 WAJJ WAKT PK-BVU
SAV153A Christenta Pradieva 07-07-2020 09-07-2020 WABB WASR PK-BVN
SAV81A Christenta Pradieva 07-07-2020 09-07-2020 WAMQ WAML PK-BVF
SAV87 Christenta Pradieva 07-07-2020 09-07-2020 WAWR WAAT PK-BVF
SAV1025 Christenta Pradieva 07-07-2020 09-07-2020 WATT WAPI PK-BVV
SAV11 Christenta Pradieva 07-07-2020 09-07-2020 WATT WAPQ PK-BVL

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
SAV73AJacinto Mba CanteroSultan Aji Muhammad SulaimanTemindung / SamarindaC208B00.30-164 ft/mAccepted
SCC601Nazar WahyudyLasikinSultan Iskandar Muda InternationalC208B01.14-154 ft/mAccepted
SAV84AMuhammad Fachri AryudaUjung Pandang HasanuddinPalopo Lagaligo / BuaC208B01.07-72 ft/mAccepted
SCC220Nazar WahyudyAek GodangLasikinC208B01.18-143 ft/mAccepted
SCC100Razul Makkalif Emo MissionKokodaDORNIER 22800.22-101 ft/mAccepted
SCC100Razul MakkalifKokoda Emo MissionDORNIER 22800.12-271 ft/mAccepted
SCC083Stephanus Ronald DefretesSentani InternationalARSOC208B00.26-112 ft/mAccepted
SCC2213Muhammad Hasan BasriKiwirokOksibilPILATUS PC-600.14-160 ft/mAccepted
SAV1001Raouf RizkIdeduaMoanamaniPILATUS PC-600.18-265 ft/mAccepted
SAV151ARizal RivaiStevanus RumbewasFrans Kaisiepo InternationalC208B00.21-36 ft/mAccepted